Rebecca Lyons

Job Title:   Research Associate, The Academic Book of the Future Project (UCL)
Affiliation:    UCL, Department of Information Studies
Twitter:   @MedievalBex



Why I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:

The Project combines several of my research and professional interests. In the past I have worked as an editor in academic publishing; in a university library; and I am also an academic researcher – so I have an holistic overview of, and interest in, the academic book. As a PhD student I also have a vested interest in the directions that the academic book is taking, and want to involve as many voices as possible in the debate to ensure the future of the academic book is a rich one.

Research Interests:

As well as working on the Project, I am also in the final year of a PhD in English Literature at the University of Bristol. My PhD research investigates manuscripts owned by women in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century England, and their interactions with these literary objects and their contents. I have taught on several undergraduate English Literature courses, and have a particular interest in late medieval Arthurian literature, book history, readership study, marginalia, and paratexts.

Recent Publications:

Edited collection: The Academic Book of the Future (co-edited with Dr Samantha Rayner). (Palgrave Macmillan, 2015). Open Access: