Thurs 24 Sept: Digital Conversations @ British Library: Acts of Reading

Acts of Reading: when, how, and where do academics and their audiences read in the digital age?

24 September 2015, The British Library, 6pm

Digital ConversationsThis panel discussion brings together a range of scholars to consider when, how, and where academics and their audiences read in the digital age. Co-hosted with The British Library, the panel will explore a range of questions including:
Have acts of academic reading changed in recent years and are they still changing?

What formats and devices are academics reading in and on and how has this affected their research and writing?

What is the future of academic reading, and what consequences will this have for the academic book?

How have these changes impacted public consumption of academic research and what does this portend for how academics and the public will interact in the future?
Panellists are Professor Andrew Prescott (University of Glasgow, AHRC), Dr Bronwen Thomas (Bournemouth University), Professor Miri Rubin (Queen Mary University of London), and Dr Sara Perry (University of York).

To register, please visit the EventBrite page:

Registration is free. All welcome.

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