Thurs 11 June 2015: Academic Book Workshop, University of Manchester

The aim of this workshop is bring together interested parties from a number of communities to debate the future of the academic book. We have invited academics in the arts and humanities, librarians and publishers to join us for a series of short presentations followed by focus group sessions. The workshop is hosted by The Academic Book of the Future project, in collaboration with the University of Manchester Library, Manchester University Press, and Digital Humanities@Manchester.

There will be a blog post report after the workshop, and for anyone who is not present but wants to follow the event, Tweets will use the event hashtag: #ABFWorkshop


2.00 Welcome and Introductions: Dr Guyda Armstrong, University of Manchester

2.15 Introduction to the Academic Book of the Future Project: Professor Marilyn Deegan, King’s College London and Visiting Simon Professor in Digital Humanities, University of Manchester

2.30 The Academic Book: Concerns for Scholars: Professor Kathryn Sutherland, University of Oxford; Professor Marilyn Deegan

2.45 Libraries and the Academic Book: Open Access University of Manchester Library

3.00 Future Publishing Opportunities: Manchester University Press

3.15 Key Research Questions: Professor Marilyn Deegan

3.30 Tea

3.45 Focus groups on key research questions

4.30 Report back and recommendations

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