Thomas Keymer

Job Title:   University Professor and Chancellor Jackman Professor of English
Affiliation:   University of Toronto


Why I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:Thomas_Keymer

As general editor of a large-scale scholarly journal, I’m daily aware of the speed with which academic publishing is changing on both sides of the Atlantic, and of the opportunities and challenges arising. It’s essential, as The Academic Book of the Future Project seeks to do, that as a community we understand and are able to shape these changes for the good of our research and its dissemination, rather than have them predetermine the kinds of work we undertake.


Research Interests:

Tom’s research and teaching focus mainly on Restoration, eighteenth-century and Romantic-period British and Irish literature, and he has particular interests in narrative and the novel; print, manuscript and history of the book; literature, politics and national identities; literature and law, especially censorship and libel; theories of intertextuality, influence and reception; the theory and practice of textual editing.


Recent Publications:


(ed.) Prose Fiction in English from the Origins of Print to 1750, Vol. 1 of The Oxford History of the Novel in English (OUP, forthcoming)

(ed.) William Beckford, Vathek (OUP, 2013)

Richardson’s Clarissa and the Eighteenth-Century Reader, 2nd edn (CUP, 2004)

Sterne, the Moderns, and the Novel (OUP, 2002)

Articles and Chapters

‘Fictions of the Union’, in Peter Garside and Karen O’Brien (eds), English and British Fiction 1750- 1820, Vol. 2 of The Oxford History of the Novel in English (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2015)

‘Johnson’s Poetry of Repetition’, in Howard D. Weinbrot (ed.), Samuel Johnson: New Contexts for a New Century (San Marino: Huntington Library / University of California Press, 2014)

‘Paper Wars: Literature and/as Conflict During the Seven Years War’, in Frans de Bruyn and Shaun Regan (eds), The Culture of the Seven Years’ War: Empire, Identity, and the Arts in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2014)

‘Novel Designs: Manipulating the Page in English Fiction, 1660-1780’, in Patrick Parrinder, Andrew Nash and Nicola Wilson (eds), New Directions in the History of the Novel (New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2014), 17-49


Other Information:

Tom currently serves as Director of the University of Toronto’s graduate program in Book History and Print Culture, and as General Editor of OUP’s flagship journal The Review of English Studies. He was recently awarded a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship to complete Poetics of the Pillory: English Literature and Seditious Libel 1660-1830, to be published in OUP’s Clarendon Lectures in English series.


See Thomas’ University of Toronto page

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