Thomas Corns

Job Title:   Emeritus Professor of English
Affiliation:   Bangor University

Thomas Corns


Why I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:

My first academic monograph was published in 1982, and over the following two decades little changed in the processes and practice of academic publication. But, at an accelerating rate, I am aware of how the changing technology of publishing is having an impact on my own work and on my discipline, as titles, long out of print, reappear on demand and online and as my more recent publications, both books and journal articles, appear simultaneously in paper and electronic forms. Scholarly editing has been and will remain a major part of my research endeavour, and, as texts I have edited or had a general editorial responsibility for migrate to an electronic platform, large questions emerge, both about the exciting search potential of electronic media and about the likely endangerment of print publication.


Research Interests:

Seventeenth-century English literature, especially Milton.


Recent Publications:


(with Gordon Campbell,  John Hale and Fiona Tweedie)  John Milton and the Manuscript of De Doctrina Christiana (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007). Winner of the James Holly Hanford Prize of the Milton Society of America. This project was funded by a major research grant of over £60k from the Art and Humanities Research Board; Corns was the principal investigator

(With Gordon Campbell) John Milton: Life, Work, and Thought (Oxford: Oxford University Press,  2008).Winner of the James Holly Hanford Prize of the Milton Society of America.

(With David Loewenstein and Ann Hughes, eds.) The Complete Works of Gerrard Winstanley, 2 vols. (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009).

(With Tony Claydon) Religion,  Culture, and National Community in the 1670s (Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 2011);  edited collection with an introduction by the editors.

The Milton Encyclopedia (New Haven and London: Yale University Press, 2012) (editor and author of c. 400 articles)


“The road to George Hill: the heretical dynamic of Winstanley’s early prose,” in David Loewenstein and John Marshall (eds.), Literature and Heresy in Early Modern English Culture (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2006), pp. 185-202.

“John Milton, Roger Williams, and the Limits of Toleration”, in Sharon Achinstein and Elizabeth Sauer (eds.), Milton and Toleration (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007), pp. 72-85. This collection won the Irene Samuel prize of the Milton Society of America.

“The Early Lives of John Milton,” in Kevin Sharpe and Steven N. Zwicker (eds), Writing Lives: Biography and Textuality, Identity and Representation in Early Modern England (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2008), pp. 75-90.

“Milton and the Limitations of Englishness”, in David Loewenstein and Paul Stevens (eds), Early Modern Nationalism and Milton’s England (Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 2008), pp. 205-16.


“‘With Unaltered Brow’: Milton and the Son of God,” Milton Studies, 42 (2002), 106-121.

“Afterword [to a special section, ‘Reconceiving  Text Analysis’],” Literary and Linguistic Computing, 18 (2003), 221-23.

(with David  L. Hoover) “The Authorship  of the Postscript to An Answer to a Booke Entituled, An Humble Remonstrance,” Milton Quarterly, 38 (2004), 59-75.

“Milton’s Churches”, Studies in Church History, 48 (2012), 184-200.


Other Information:

Educated at Brasenose and University Colleges, Oxford, and the Maximilianeum Foundation, Munich. Formerly pro-vice-Chancellor, Bangor University, and head of its School of Arts and Humanities. Foundation Fellow of the English Association and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Honored Scholar of the Milton Society of America. Member of the English panel for REF2014 (output assessor).


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