Michael Pidd

Job Title:   Digital Director
Affiliation:   HRI Digital, University of Sheffield
Email: m.pidd@sheffield.ac.uk


Michael_PiddWhy I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:

The Academic Book of the Future is the first attempt to seriously understand and build upon the diverse trends and activities that have been taking place in academic book production over the last 20 years. It is clear that we are in a period of transformation, as all traditional aspects of academic book production and consumption are being challenged, whether it be the media and business models of academic book publishing or the content, status and value of books within the academy. In my view, understanding what the future of the academic book might be like is critical to understanding what the future of academic discourse might be like. So it’s pretty important stuff!

Research Interests:

Michael oversees the work of HRI Digital which includes:

  • Managing the technical specification, development and delivery of its research projects.
  • Initiating and developing research funding proposals.
  • Developing HRI Digital’s operations and strategic objectives.
  • Managing HRI Digital’s relationship with its clients and stakeholders.
  • Developing new relationships and business opportunities.
  • Representing the Institute nationally and internationally as well as within the University more widely.
  • Managing HRI Online Publications and the online resources which the HRI hosts on behalf of its partners.

Michael serves as the main point of contact for project partners undertaking a collaboration with the HRI and he bears responsibility for the HRI’s commitments to its projects.

Recent Projects:

Projects which Michael has worked on as the Principal Investigator:

Projects which Michael Pidd has worked on as the Co-Investigator:

Projects which Michael Pidd has provided direct technical direction:


See Michael’s University of Sheffield profile

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