Kathryn Sutherland

Job Title:   Professor of Bibliography and Textual Criticism
Affiliation:   University of Oxford; Professorial Fellow in English, St Anne’s College, Oxford
Email: kathryn.sutherland@ell.ox.ac.uk

kathryn sutherland


Why I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:

The means of delivery (whether print or digital) are implicated in the cultural objects they deliver. How we read (from paper or screen, from smart phone or iPad, in snippets or holistically) has consequences for what we make of what we read and for what we write. Changing publishing models affect us all. As an academic who writes for a wide general audience as well as for other academics I cannot afford not to engage with the technological debates and models shaping The Academic Book of the Future.


Research Interests:

English and Scottish Literatures, especially 1700-1850; textual criticism; the private and social effects and the cultural values we attach to the forms of documents (whether handwritten, printed or digital). I am currently a Leverhulme Major Research Fellow researching and writing about authors’ papers and literary manuscripts.


Recent Publications:

Jane Austen’s Textual Lives: From Aeschylus to Bollywood (OUP, 2005)

Transferred Illusions: Digital Technology and the Forms of Print (Ashgate, 2009) (co-authored with Marilyn Deegan)

Text Editing, Print and the Digital World, co-edited with Marilyn Deegan (Ashgate, 2009)

Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts: A Digital Edition Jane Austen’s Fiction Manuscripts: A Digital Edition (2010)

Walter Scott, Waverley, edited with an introduction (OUP, 2015)


Other Information:

Professor Sutherland is a member of the Advisory Board for the British Library’s ‘Discovering Literature’ project; she is a trustee at Jane Austen’s House Museum; she is Chair of the Advisory Board of the Clarendon Edition of the Works of Charles Dickens.


See Kathryn’s University of Oxford profile

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