Jane Winters

Job Title:   Professor of Digital History and Head of Publications
Affiliation:   Institute of Historical Research, School of Advanced Study, University of London
Email: Jane.Winters@sas.ac.uk


Jane_WintersWhy I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:

As a historian, books have been central to my academic life. They are still highly regarded in my discipline, typically offering more space to discuss and develop ideas and arguments than other forms of publication. For many scholars a first academic book is still an important rite of passage, serving either to expand upon PhD research or as a springboard to a new project. However, developments in digital technologies in particular, but also in patterns of production and consumption of knowledge, mean that the time is right to explore what we understand by the term ‘book’ and what forms it might take in the future. The Academic Book of the Future Project is the perfect forum in which to debate these ideas.


Research Interests:

Jane’s research interests include digital history, web archives, big data for humanities research, peer review in the digital environment, text editing, the use of social media in an academic context, e-repositories, and open access publishing.

Recent Publications:


The Creighton Century, 1907-2007 (ed. with David Bates and Jennifer Wallis) (London, 2009)


(with Jonathan Blaney), ‘The British History Online digital library: a model for sustainability?’, Bulletin of the Belgian Royal Historical Commission, 176 (2010), 95–106.

‘Peer review and evaluation of digital resources for the arts and humanities’ (co-authored report, London, 2006)


Other Information:

Current digital projects

Previous digital projects

  • Analytical Access to the Domain Dark Archive
  • Digitisation of the National Archives’ Calendars of State Papers through British History Online
  • Making History
  • Peer review and evaluation of digital resources for the arts and humanities
  • Royal Historical Society Bibliography of British and Irish History


See Jane’s IHR profile

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