Elaine Treharne

Job Title:   The Roberta Bowman Denning Professor of Humanities, Professor of English, and, by courtesy, of German Studies
Affiliation:   Stanford University
Email: treharne@stanford.edu


Why I am supporting the Academic Book of the Future Project:Elaine_Treharne_photo

This internationally important project seeks to support and promote the work of scholars by facilitating discussion about the significance of the book as a form of research dissemination. As technologies transform, there is hardly a more critical moment at which to determine how academics can make best use of new opportunities in, and offset increasing threats to, publishing as we understand and envisage it. My own research in Text Technologies and the History of the Book means I can bring my scholarship on past technological transformation into the present debate to ensure we make informed decisions about the future of the book as the medium for transmitting ideas and knowledge.


Research Interests:

Early British manuscripts–their intentionality, materiality, functionality and value. Early English literature and culture. Early twentieth century fine presses and intellectual culture.


Most Recent Publications:


A Very Short Introduction to Medieval Literature. OUP, 2015.

Living Through Conquest: The Politics of Early English, 1020-1220. OUP. 2012.

(with Greg Walker) Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature. OUP, 2010.

Old and Middle English: An Anthology. Wiley-Blackwell, 2009.


‘The Performance of Piety: Cnut, Rome and England’, in Francesca Tinti, ed., England and Rome in the Anglo-Saxon Period (Brepols, 2014), pp. 343-64

‘Word and Image’, in A Companion to British Literature, Volume I, Medieval Literature, 700–1450, ed. Robert DeMaria, Jr., Heesok Chang, and Samantha Zacher (Wiley-Blackwell, 2013), pp. 384-401

‘Writing the Book’, in Treharne and Da Rold, eds., Producing and Using English Manuscripts in the Post-Conquest Period, New Medieval Literatures 13 (2013)

The Physician’s Tale as Hagioclasm’, in Dark Chaucer: An Assortment, ed. Myra Seaman, Eileen Joy and Nicola Masciandaro (Punctum Books, 2012), pp. 59-69.

‘The Authority of English’, in Clare Lees, ed., Cambridge History of Early Medieval English Literature, 500-1150 (CUP, 2012), pp. 554-78.

‘Borders’, in Jacqueline Stodnick and Rene Trilling, ed., Handbook of Anglo-Saxon Studies (Wiley-Blackwell 2012), pp. 9-22.

‘A Note on the Sensational Old English Life of St Margaret’, in Stuart McWilliams, ed., Saints and Scholars: New Perspectives on Anglo-Saxon Literature and Culture in Honour of Hugh Magennis (Cambridge: D. S. Brewer, 2012), pp. 5-13.

‘Old English Literature’, in Oxford Bibliographies in British and Irish Literature. ed. Andrew Hadfield (OUP, 2012), 10,000 words.

‘‘The Good, the Bad, the Ugly: Old English Manuscripts and Their Physical Description’, in Matthew Hussey and John Niles, ed., The Genesis of Books: Studies in the Scribal Culture of Medieval England in Honour of A. N. Doane (Brepols, 2012), pp. 261-83.

‘The Vernaculars of Medieval England, 1170-1350’, in Andrew Galloway, ed., Cambridge Companion to Medieval Culture (CUP, 2011), pp. 217-36.

‘Textual Communities: Vernacular’, in Elisabeth Van Houts and Julia Crick, eds., The Cambridge Social

‘Speaking of the Medieval’, in Elaine Treharne and Greg Walker, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Medieval Literature in English (Oxford University Press, 2010), pp. 1-16.


‘Fleshing out the TEXT: The Transcendent Manuscript in the Digital Age’, in Holly Crocker and Kathryn Schwarz, eds., Flesh, Special Issue of PostMedieval: A Journal of Medieval Cultural Studies (2013), 1-14

‘Beneath Distorted Words’, Exemplaria, Vol. 25 No. 4 (Winter 2013), 318-21

‘“The Shock of the Old’: Early English and Its Modern Re-Tellings’, in The State(s) of Early English Studies, ed. Eileen A. Joy, Special Issue of The Heroic Age 14 (2010) and postmedieval: a journal of medieval cultural studies 1.3 (2010): http://www.mun.ca/mst/heroicage/issues/14/treharne.php

‘“Tristis Amor”: An unpublished love letter from Lady Elizabeth Dacre Howard to Sir Anthony Cooke’, Renaissance Studies (Print-ahead-of-Publication, 2011), DOI 10.1111/j.1477-4658.2011.00765.x.


Other Information:

Elaine is currently the Principal Investigator of the NEH-Funded portion of an inter-institutional grant: ‘Global Currents: Cultures of Literary Networks, 1050-1900’. She is also the Director of Stanford Text Technologies (https://texttechnologies.stanford.edu), which has multiple projects underway, including a series of intensive Collegia. Formerly, Elaine was Principal Investigator of the AHRC-funded research project and co-authored ebook, The Production and Use of English Manuscripts, 1060 to 1220 (Leicester, 2010, http://www.le.ac.uk/ee/em1060to1220/). Together with Greg Walker, Elaine is the General Editor of the OUP series, Oxford Textual Perspectives. Elaine is also the General Editor of the English Association’s Essays and Studies series and Medieval Editor of Review of English Studies.


See Elaine’s Stanford University profile

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